Eclipse Pad

Welcome Eclipsers!

Expand the Cosmos, Build the Future.
Welcome Eclipsers!
Eclipse Pad is the first IDO launchpad for the Cosmos IBC Ecosystem. We are a dApp platform for the nurturing, funding, marketing, and launching the best of Cosmos innovations, including top-tier decentralised applications and new Cosmos IBC chains.
Why Cosmos?
The Cosmos ecosystem of chains consists of 50+ sovereign chains with billions of dollars of assets staked. They are connected via the IBC, an easy-to-use blockchain bridge technology that allows network participants to move assets rapidly across chains with ease.
Projects that are enabled with Cosmos IBC from launch immediately gain access to this massive network of users and assets.
It is our team’s belief that a top-tier launchpad such as Eclipse is a missing piece of the puzzle that will help attract new investors and builders to build on Cosmos IBC-enabled chains. As such, it’s our plan to become the leading launchpad in Cosmos.
Adoption Spearhead
Eclipse Pad not only acts as a megaphone for projects to expand their reach, build community, and bootstrap liquidity; but also acts as a catalogue where the Cosmos community can get early access to hot projects and shape the future of Cosmos.
Eclipse Pad is built on Juno Network. More information is enclosed in this documentation, and make sure you check out the website:
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