🏎️Eclipse Accelerator


It’s no secret that launching a project comes with its challenges. It’s not just about writing good code and finding a handful of friends to buy the token.

Eclipse’s Accelerator program gives new founders the right support, guidance, and contacts to go to the next level.

The Eclipse accelerator will help builders with all the needed pieces for success, including raising capital, building their team, crafting their story, marketing to their audience, getting the right backers, and launching successfully on Eclipse.

A track for success

The Eclipse Accelerator is a hands-on project launch support program that takes a small number of projects with alpha or beta-version products. Support is end-to-end.

Topics Include:

  • Reworking the tokenomics, revenue model, business model.

  • Introductions to possible advisors, large investors, angels, and validators

  • Team building, including matching talent to available roles

  • Marketing and GTM support

  • Tech, validator, and blockchain support, especially if raising a chain

  • General mentorship and guidance for founders.

The accelerator program is currently under construction. It will consist of building an avengers ensemble of players, mentors, and teams that have vast experience and proven track records in their respective industries.

Bringing in the right players to partner on this program will allow us to build this up much faster and create a structure where the value is shared across the pipeline.

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