Eclipse Pad
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Multiple Ways to Participate

A large part of our mission at Eclipse Pad is to drive community expansion and web3 adoption. To achieve this, the onboarding and user experience has to be simplified, with easier accessibility.
Here’s a sampling of different ways investors can participate in IDO launches:
  • One-click stablecoin and major Cosmos native asset swaps
  • Fiat onramp from bank or debit card
  • Simple and seamless cross-chain participation from a wide range of assets such as cross-chain stablecoins, and other major assets such as ETH, SOL, NEAR and more.
More of these seamless methods will make it easier for users to participate in Eclipse Pad, more funds raised in launches, and a stronger community.

Bank onramp

Thanks to a Kado Ramp integration, Eclipse Pad is able to offer seamless onboarding for users from bank or credit card with a very low fee. Users will be able to purchase the $ECLIP token or participate directly in an IDO with a few simple clicks.
Users will KYC through Kado's setup process. Once completed, details will be saved for the future and users also will not need to re-KYC on the Eclipse platform. From there future $ECLIP purchases or IDO participation will be as easy as a few clicks.
You can find a step-by-step guide on onboarding at:

Cross-chain participation

We have integrated 0xSquid into the Eclipse Pad platform for easy cross-chain participation with any asset. 0xSquid is powered by the Axelar network and enables Eclipse Pad to offer seamless $ECLIP token purchasing and IDO participation using multiple cross-chain assets. The flow will allow the connection of a cross-chain wallet such as Metamask at one end and a Cosmos wallet at the other.
Simply connect your wallet, select the asset and chain you want to participate from, and confirm the transaction.

Multichain interoperability

Eclipse Pad has already built out the codebase for multiple cross-chain ecosystems and languages such as Rust and EVM. Codebases for Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance chains are already developed. Thanks to IBC and integration with Axelar, in the future, this will enable the execution of IDO purchasing across multiple chains without users needing to leave the chain they are on or changing wallets. As well as cross-chain staking, NFTs, and more.