A New Take on Launchpads

There are many launchpads in DeFi. What makes Eclipse’s model different?

Many launchpads in Web3 have been birthed out of bull market conditions and are simply not geared toward scale and sustainability. Many of these platforms have a stakeable utility token used to determine IDO participation, but this token has limited other utilities and value capture, their models often end up with expensive tiers that make access to new users very difficult. Early adopters or whales can afford to access IDOs, but new users are often left out. Due to limited token utilities, when launches slow down, users have less incentive to keep their tokens staked and the price spirals downwards.

We have worked extensively on this model with industry experts to build a model which fixes many of these issues, and have brought innovative new features to the platform.

Here are a few of the enhancements to the model which lead to greater access, scale, and sustainability:

  • Staking model that allows users to choose their weighting between exposure to yield and increasing IDO launch participation chances. This gives options, rewards commitment, and expands the staking base. Read more in Staking

  • Time-locked staking boosts. Users who stake for longer periods receive boosts on yield and greater access to IDO participation. This lowers the entry barrier for users wanting to participate in launches if they are more committed to the long term. Users can still trade their staking positions through convertible NFTs.

  • NFT utility integrations that enable users to trade their vesting and staking positions on secondary markets. Eclipse NFTs

  • Seamless onboarding options with a few clicks, including easy cross-chain participation in IDOs with any major asset and bank onramps straight into IDOs.

  • Development towards an Eclipse sovereign chain and the building of a whole ecosystem of launch-related projects, rather than a singular platform.

  • A community reward pool that accumulates value from past accelerated projects, and in the future, launched projects as well. Rewards Pool

In short, Eclipse Pad is a new revolutionary launchpad model focused on bringing scalability, sustainability, and accessibility to the launchpad model. It is a key piece in bringing new users, builders, and attention to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Looking further ahead, Eclipse Pad already has the cross-chain codebase built for major crypto ecosystems, as well as plans to shift to a sovereign Cosmos chain.

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