Eclipse Pad
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Eclipse Pad


Eclipse Pad is an accelerator and launch platform for projects and chains of the Cosmos. Projects gain exposure & bootstrap community and liquidity, and participants gain early access to hot projects.
The Eclipse accelerator will provide well-needed support, contacts, and mentorship for Cosmos builders, while attracting new builders into the ecosystem.

A Spearhead for Cosmos Adoption

The Cosmos ecosystem has been very developer-centric and focused on building infrastructure. But it has had less focus on business development, marketing, and onboarding new users into the ecosystem. The foundations have been built and the ecosystem is primed for further user and builder adoption. Eclipse Pad acts as the marketing and onboarding spearhead for the Cosmos ecosystem, helping to garner wider exposure for top Cosmos projects and bringing a level layer of builders and users into the Cosmos.

Find the Best of Cosmos in the One Place

Eclipse Pad will be the go-to place for Cosmos launches, users will have a centric platform to learn about, research, and participate in the future of the ecosystem.

Easy Participation

At Eclipse Pad, we believe user experience and removing onboarding friction are some of the key catalysts for increasing adoption. Thanks to Axelar and Squid integrations, participating in Cosmos launches will be possible with one to two clicks from all the major chains. This will enable Eclipse Pad to reach more users and ecosystems.

A Model Focused on Providing Long-term Value

We are strong believers in long-term sustainability. Eclipse Pad mechanisms and tokenomics offer a model that brings back more value to the community as the platform grows and reaches new levels of success.