Eclipse Pad
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Q4 2022

  • Testnet Live on Juno
  • Docs released
  • Staking V1 on testnet
  • NFT vested positions integrated
  • Staking V2 on testnet
  • One-click farming live
  • Marketing, PR, and KOL campaigns initiated.
  • Allocations/lottery model implemented with tokenomics experts
  • Kado and 0xSquid onramp integrations

Q1 2023

  • $ECLIP IDO launch on Eclipse Pad and other launchpads
  • Mainnet live on Juno
  • Action NFT $ECLIP airdrop to communities
  • Social scoring (penalties/benefits) with zkDID implemented
  • NFT staking position conversions integrated
  • The first few IDO projects build up and launch
  • More code audits
  • CEX listings
  • DAO council set up for project vetting
  • Launch of Eclipse Accelerator
  • Automatic buyback and burn switched on

Q2 2023

  • Rewards pool implemented plus audits
  • Investment DAO pools built with pre-launch LP seeding
  • Expand to other Cosmos chains
  • Initial work begins on Eclipse Chain
  • Eclipse Accelerator scaled up with more mentors and partners
  • Social scoring system launched which gives benefits to good investor behaviour and engaged users

Q3 2023

  • Launch of Eclipse Chain
  • Start working with Web2 companies in Accelerator bridging to web3
  • Gaming-focused launchpad launched
  • Work begins on the permissionless marketplace
  • Cross-chain expansion
  • $ECLIP across major CEXes
  • More DAO investment pools
  • Eclipse Pad transition to community governance/DAO structure

Q4 2023 and beyond

  • Investor leaderboard with bounties launched for top investors/traders/farmers.
  • Eclipse across major chains with seamless abstracted UI/UX
  • Accelerating and launching Cosmos chains for large web2 companies
  • Cosmos project vetting leaderboard launched
  • Kickstarter marketplace launched for permissionless fundraising.