🌒Eclipse Pad: Cosmos’s First Launchpad

A strong launchpad is a key infrastructure piece of any DeFi ecosystem. They provide a platform for new projects to market, attract liquidity, and build community. If you are unfamiliar with what a launchpad is, start here:

What is an IDO launchpad?

The Cosmos ecosystem has grown rapidly, but currently still does not have an active launchpad. Many projects have until now relied solely on airdrops for launching their token.

This method has been to build community, but is not sustainable or scaleable, and relies more on luck than strategy. Airdrops do not extend the reach of new projects outside the ecosystem, nor do they bring liquidity and funding to projects.

Eclipse Pad aims to fix that.

Here are a few of the benefits Eclipse brings to the ecosystem and projects:

  • Ability to bootstrap project liquidity

  • A place for public investors across crypto to find and participate early in top-tier projects

  • Easy launch token distribution

  • A single platform for new user acquisition from Cosmos, EVM, and CEXes

  • Marketing and exposure for new projects

  • Support & mentorship for new projects along their building and launch journey

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