Eclipse Pad
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Thorough Project Vetting

Project teams will submit an application, and will be thoroughly vetted first by the team in-house, and then by third-party review.
In the future, full community & DAO governance will be set up to vote on projects launching on Eclipse Pad.
A checklist of factors in the process includes:
  • Leadership team, experience, structure, and advisors
  • Team verification, including KYC/KCB with the Eclipse team.\\
  • Developer skill and track record
  • VC and angel backing/funding
  • DAO backing/funding
  • Project roadmap & milestones
  • Project’s revenue and tokenomics models, including plans for capturing real revenue and network effects
  • Token emission schedules, vesting, cliffs, and allocations
  • Legal compliance and regulatory outlook
Additionally, factor should also answer the following questions:
Market/competition research, clear USPs, market opportunity, narrative
What is the problem and the market gap this project is solving? Have they done the proper research and is it backed up by data? How do they stack up against the competition and what differentiates them. Is the market saturated? What is the market opportunity and capturable slice of the pie in their market? What are the unfair advantages?
Do they have a strong narrative/positioning? Have they built a strong vision.
Narratives and a strong vision are key parts of building a strong platform and community. Have they thought about this? Do they tell a strong enough story to rally a community base of loyal users who also believe in the vision? Do users understand the product, problem it's solving and the vision clearly?
Go-to-market strategy, user acquisition plan, plans for scaling
Development is great, but have they allocated any thought or resources to marketing and acquiring users past simpling launching on the pad? What is the go-to-market plan/strategy?
Have they thought ahead about scaling their userbase and how they will grow?
MVP product built
What has been built so far? We do not want to be launching projects which just a token and nothing else. Not everything needs to be built, but they need at least a usable MVP ready to go.
Launch valuation
This piece is very important in launching to the public, as we want to ensure good launch terms for our community. Projects who have performed raises at very inflated valuations do pose a risk of dropping significantly post-launch.
Projects which are not yet ready to be approved for launch on Eclipse Pad may be directed to either an alternative launchpad or an alternative launch method. Certain projects may be selected for the Eclipse Accelerator program to fine-tune and enhance the pieces that need work to be approved for launch.