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Staking the $ECLIP token

Please note that the staking model deployed on the current testnet is an older model staking contract than the staking described here. The following model will be deployed to the demo alongside the new UI in an upcoming release.
Stakers have the option to choose their length of stake. They will use a bar slider to select between 1 month and a maximum of 24 months.
Staking multipliers will vary based on the length of stake. Stakers can choose between weighting towards Cosmic Essence for IDO tier participation, neutral, and yield pool return. The technicals of staking multipliers can be found under: Staking Multipliers​
​Cosmic Essense is received upfront, and expires at the end of the staking period. In this way, even stakers with a smaller amount of $ECLIP can increase their chances at IDO participation by selecting for more Cosmic Essence. Alternatively, they can choose the option to gain more yield.
A staker can have multiple staking positions. Cosmic Essence will accrue as points. Stakers will be able to harvest the rewards from the staking.

Staking Allocations

A total of 48 million tokens will be allocated towards bootstrapping staking rewards over a 36-month period.
In the longer term, the (Deflationary Model) for tokenomics and the Rewards Pool will bolster the distribution of staking rewards.