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Eclipse (ECLIP) Token

What is the Eclipse ($ECLIP) token?

The $ECLIP token is the governance and utility token of the Eclipse launchpad and in the future the native token of the Eclipse ecosystem. At first, the $ECLIP token will be launched as a CW20 standard token on top of the Juno Network. When Eclipse becomes its own app chain, $ECLIP will migrate to the native blockchain token of the Eclipse ecosystem.

The $ECLIP token will have the following utilities:

Used to earn Cosmic essence and participate in IDO launches

The $ECLIP token is used to determine participants in IDO rounds. A tier mechanism based on $ECLIP staking helps to reward investors with more long-term commitment and skin in the game, and helps to increase the chances of allocation inside the IDO. Staking the $ECLIP token allows users to receive Cosmic Essence which is used to help determine tiers. More on that here: Tiers, Whitelisting and Cosmic Essense​

Community governance

As Eclipse Pad moves towards a DAO model, $ECLIP will play a key role in governance. Examples include approval of launch projects, governance proposals, as well as pieces of the management of the rewards pool and investment DAO pools

Mechanism for bootstrapping staking and liquidity

The $ECLIP token will be used to bootstrap staking rewards and liquidity. It will incentivise pools to attract the required liquidity depth for stable price action. Incentives from emissions are only an initial bootstrapping mechanism, we are strong believers in the need for sustainability and real-yield. The Rewards Pooland the Deflationary Model are models in place to drive towards more sustainability and gradually replace incentives from emissions.

Bringing value back to the community

We believe in the importance of value being brought back to the community and users. Value in the ecosystem will flow back to $ECLIP token stakers performing certain actions and within certain parameters. This helps ensures that past value generated from launches on Eclipse Pad goes back to the loyal community.

Future utilities in the Eclipse ecosystem

The plan is to build out an ecosystem of launch products, and the $ECLIP token will play a key role in all of this. We foresee more exciting utilities in the ecosystem to come which will bring more utilities and value for the token.

Where can I buy the $ECLIP token?

An in-depth guide for purchasing the $ECLIP token can be found here: Broken link.

Can I stake the $ECLIP token?

Yes, the $ECLIP token has staking available. You can find out more about staking in Tiers, Whitelisting and Cosmic Essense, and more on the technical pieces under Staking. A staking guide can be found under Broken link.