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IDO Stages

Eclipse IDOs follow several stages going from pre-IDO to token generation and distribution. Here are the stages:

Whitelist Application

The first stage is the whitelist application stage. For more understanding about the whitelist, please see The Whitelist.
The project IDOing will have a countdown coming into the whitelist opening, and the whitelist period will be open for a set amount of time. During this period, users will have the chance to apply for the whitelist and have a chance at an allocation in the whitelist round. When the whitelist application period closes, this is when applications will be assessed and the whitelist will be created and announced to the community prior to the whitelist round opening.

Whitelist round

Next comes the whitelist round. The whitelist round is where users who have made the whitelist have a chance to participate and purchase their set allocation in the project.
Users who have not made the whitelist will not be able to participate in this round.
Tokens will not be distributed or tradeable on the market until the token generation event.

First-in-first serve round

After the whitelist round closes, the next round to open is the First-in-first serve round. This round gives IDO access with a smaller allocation to users who did not make the whitelist, and it also acts as an overflow for the allocations which were not used in the whitelist round. Wallets will still need to be KYCed to be able to participate in the FIFS round.

Token-generation event and launch

After the IDO rounds, there is a countdown until the token generation event, this varies depending on the project and factors whether the project is IDOing on other platforms aswell. When the token generation event occurs, users who participated in the IDO rounds will be able to access and claim their positions under the dashboard section of the Eclipse platform.