Cosmic Essense

What is Cosmic Essence?

Cosmic Essence is a point-based system used on the Eclipse platform. It is used to determine user access to The Whitelist, and allocation size in upcoming IDOs.

Cosmic Essence is accrued by either staking or farming the ECLIP token.

The higher the Cosmic Essence a user has, the higher chance of making the whitelist and getting a larger allocation in the IDO round. Your balance determines what tier a user falls into (see Cosmic Tiers) and these tiers determine the chances of whitelisting as well as the allocation size.

How do I earn Cosmic Essence?

The two ways to earn Cosmic Essence are by staking or farming the ECLIP token. Cosmic Essence balance is accumulated upfront and expires when your staking or farming position expires.

Cosmic Essence is not a token and cannot be traded or transferred like one. Although, Cosmic Essence can be traded or transferred to a different wallet through NFT staked positions. You can find more about this under Eclipse NFTs.

Earning Cosmic Essence from Staking

The first method for earning Cosmic Essence is by staking the ECLIP token. The base equation is 1 ECLIP staked = 1 Cosmic Essence, but users can receive multipliers on the amount of Cosmic Essence they receive from staking by time-lock staking their ECLIP for a longer duration. Additionally, users have the option to choose whether they would like higher exposure to more staking rewards, or if they would like less staking rewards but instead earn a higher multiplier on their Cosmic Essence. More can be found on these multipliers under: Staking Multipliers

Earning Cosmic Essense from Farming

Farming positions which include the ECLIP token will also accrue Cosmic essence, although at a slightly different ratio.

To earn Cosmic essence by providing liquidity to ECLIP pairs, users must select the option to lock their farming position for 1 month. This is to prevent short-term gaming of the system.

Users who choose to lock and farm ECLIP-paired farms will receive 0.8 Cosmic Essence per ECLIP token in the farm. This Cosmic Essence will expire when the liquidity position is withdrawn.

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