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What is an IDO launchpad?

An IDO is an "Initial Decentralised Offering" or "Initial DEX Offering". An IDO launchpad is a platform where new DeFi projects can launch, distribute their token, and raise funds from investors. IDO participants have the chance to invest early in projects at a deep discount prior to their launch on the market.
The launchpad acts is a trusted intermediary, or a "matchmaker". The launchpad matches new projects with public investors who are looking to invest their money.
It can be difficult for investors to know where to begin or where to put their money, and they don't always have the contacts to get into earlier rounds, or the knowledge and access to thoroughly vet launch projects. Most of the time they rely on recommendations from influencers, social media, and friends and family.
Launchpads shortcut the research process for investors by acting as a one-stop shop for them to evaluate projects and get early access to project alpha.
This is where this trust piece comes in (Keep in mind, not all launchpads are created equal in this regard). The launchpad rigorously vets projects that it presents to public investors, and also publishes some open research for users to see.
For the project launching on the pad, it's really all about initial customer acquisition.
Sure, elements such as raising funds and token distribution are key. But the big piece for a launchpad is tapping into a solid base of consumers from day one who have some skin in the game, and who invest and form a decent base of users from day one.